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Parallel Shaped Kitchen

A Parallel Shaped Kitchen Layout or Galley Kitchen Layout is an exemplary design with a limited space that involves two platforms with a path between them. Pressed with base and wall cabinets on either side, it is a simple format to plan as there is no space for corner cupboards. 

Increasing storage by keeping walls and base cabinets on opposite sides. Keeping the equivalent distance between the kitchen cooking triangle. It keeps the sink and hob on the same line. Position the fridge on the contrary side, ideally between the line of the sink and hob placement. The smooth storage lines permit simple movement with a lot of floor space to save. These cooking spaces permit you to draw in your imagination to pair your cooking way of life to the nuts and bolts. In doing such, you rearrange your kitchen and set aside cash simultaneously. The way to introduce tall kitchen cupboards that stretch out to the ceiling.