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Intelligent Spaces

hachiko_kitchen Consumables Typically, all your foodstuffs, such as preserved food rice. pasta and refrigerated products are kept within this zone.

hachiko_kitchen This zone should be used for the Storage of everyday tableware, such as crockery, glasses and cutlery.

hachiko_kitchen Cleaning Zone The area that not only houses the sink and dishwasher, but also storage For cleaning utensils and materials. It also accommodates the waste and recycling bins.

hachiko_kitchen Preparation Zone One of the main work areas in the room. Your appliances, kitchen utensils, spices and lots more should be located close to the worktop intended for preparing food.

hachiko_kitchen Cooking Zone Here you…should site your hob and oven, plus other gadgets such as a microwave, steamer and extractor hood, Pots, pans and cooking utensils are all items that should be readily available.