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Beautiful Kitchens – The most practical aspect of any home.

Hachiko is a PREMIUM Modular Kitchen Studio in Nashik.

We’ve been pioneering since 2008 and have very experienced and talented designers who design excellent kitchens to meet the requirements of every cooking style.

PILLARS of HACHIKO KITCHEN  are Functionality, Utility, Comfort, Looks. We make sure the pillars are fulfilled in every aspect of the kitchen which makes your kitchen simpler and manageable and pleasant to use.

This happens because Hachiko kitchens are so-all around arranged, so productive and well prepared, that it becomes a centre for social affairs or discussions for your relatives. 

Add to that the best quality in planning, producing, and in-service… and you have a flawless present day kitchen.

Only for you!

Why Hachiko Kitchen?

Hachiko Kitchen  has been perfecting the craft of making your dream kitchen work out beyond expectations. Keeping up quality and relationships are the key characteristics of Hachiko Kitchen. We assure that each client gets superior quality material and after-sales service. 

With unmatched finishing effect, usefulness, and toughness. We offer the best kitchen framework and master consultancy to use your kitchen space without limit. Our Tailor-made plans with singular necessities and operational propensities make the Hachiko Kitchen Studio the most appropriate for pretty much every kitchen. Our kitchen plans are made with extraordinary empathy to uniquely suit your cooking style.

We offer the best quality installation without any damaging any fragile things. When we enter our client’s place we are conscious of their fragile things. We guarantee that the establishment of Hachiko’s Modular kitchen is smooth and the time taken is less.

Consistent reconciliation with the entire kitchen and upscale yet exquisite completion is the thing that makes Hachiko’s cabinet Lift-up attractive. What’s more, is that these are simple and advantageous to use for Indian kitchens.

Kitchen drawers are one of the most utilized pieces of any kitchen. That is the reason toughness and long life must be joined with simply taking care of. So a delicate push is expected to open or close the drawers. You get some rich decisions for your kitchen’s drawers. 

Within the kitchen, drawers are planned by remembering your necessities. Nearly everything has its place in Hachiko’s Kitchen drawers.

Hachiko Assured Quality and Performance Standard” is a Hachiko’s own trying norm for all pieces of the kitchen before introducing at customer’s place. We ensure no part is broken and has the best quality material.