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For premium kitchens especially for us Indians, Functionality takes utmost priority over other aspects of kitchen design. The reason being you have to use it daily, so it must be suitable for your own needs; not someone else's.

According to a study women makes or works 57,000 times over a period. So it’s usually important that it should be convenient for her to use her kitchen.

Else she will have lots of trouble even in doing simple tasks in her own kitchen.

We consider and think over 170+ small things that improves functionality and ease of use. Each and every small detail is important for us for your premium kitchen.

This is enhanced by using best quality hardware and branded components.

This not only gives you peace of mind, but also serve you the way your kitchen must !

Organising interiors

Drawer interiors can be equipped with specific accessories that allow you to divide up the space, creating a dedicated place for every item. Hachiko kitchen offers many ranges of interiors to choose between:depending on your test and budget ,Stainless steel wire basket for economy segment ,aluminium basket for medium segment and tandom drawers with soft close slides for premium segment.You choose any segment Hachiko kitchen specialist will provide you with most practical and functional solution to suit your lifestyle and requirement.

Work without walking too much

Unnecessary movement in the kitchen can be easily avoided if you take a moment to think about typical routine operations before designing your kitchen. It is a good idea to divide the available space into so-called work areas in order to place everything where it is needed. You can access the contents of the kitchen more easily:

Base units with equipped drawers and baskets

In order to reduce working times it is important that all your equipment is tidy and within easy reach without taking up too much space. This is why we offer you a vast and varied range of accessories to insert inside drawers and baskets. These allow you to keep everything in its right place and perfectly tidy by making the most of the space available:

The intelligent corner. Hachiko’s intelligent space solutions mean you don’t have to assume bad postures: the base units and corner units are perfectly equipped with removable baskets with Le Mans mechanisms, offering exceptional ease of movement and storage potential.A specialist in every cupboard.

A cupboard is a cupboard certainly not in the kitchen ,content specific fittings exactly matched to the contents are the best solution for your pots and pan,glasses and plates,cutluery and accessories and for your grocery.The cupboard units. There are several solutions for making the most of the storage space available in the kitchen. The cupboard unit with internal baskets provides great ease of use and functionality. The deep drawers can be opened individually without effort and ensure direct access, providing a good overview of the supplies available. The 30 cm removable cupboard unit with wire baskets also provides excellent storage and ease of use: the farthest corner is just as easily accessible as the nearest one.If there is not enough space, Hachiko offers the possibility of adding elements above the cabinets with adjustable heights.

Kitchen with peninsula unit

One of the latest trends is joining the kitchen space with the living area to create an open-space environment that demands great adaptability of the modular kitchen. The open space becomes the focal point of the home, Hachiko kitchens are modern kitchens also in the way they are able to reflect this evolution of the living space. They allow you to customise and articulate the daytime area, to integrate functions and coordinate elements, modules and materials. It is possible to coordinate the look of the living area with that of the kitchen space, providing aesthetic continuity and at the same time offering specific functional elements for each area of the space.

Hachiko offers a great variety of solutions for opening and closing cabinet doors and deep drawers.

Made-to-measure lighting

Good visibility in the kitchen contributes to improving operability and to creating a welcoming atmosphere. A suitable lighting solution should be designed for each area in the kitchen. In particular make sure that there is always good visibility on the work surface and inside the cabinets.

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