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Premium kitchens require premium fittings and accessories. At Hachiko, we believe 'God is in details', so we pay great attention to details & quality of fittings, cabinets and storage units.

Cabinet Lift Up

Seamless integration with whole kitchen and stylish but elegant finish is what makes Hachiko’s cabinet Lift-up attractive. What’s more is that these are very easy and convinient to use for Indian kitchens.


One of the areas where our designers spend most of their time is thinking about corners.

The result is very innovative but useful kitchen corners.

You’d definitely have hard time in selecting one because each one looks so attractive !


Kitchen drawers are one of the must used part in any kitchen. That’s why durability and long life must be combined with easy handling. So that just a soft push is needed to open or close the drawers.

You get some elegant choices for your kitchens drawers.

Inside of the kitchen drawers are designed by keeping your needs in mind. Almost everything has it's place in Hachiko’s Kitchen drawers.

Vertical Storage

Not only great space-saver, but also very efficient!

You will find Hachiko kitchen's unique vertical storages very easy to use and convenient. Everybody in your home – from kids to elders – will become fond of these storage.

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