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About Us

Welcome to Hachiko Kitchen Studio!

Hachiko kitchens are made just for you where you can spend your time with joy.
It is one place where you, the home maker, spends most of your waking time.
Our job is to make your kitchen jobs pleasant and enjoyable for you.

This done by combining your own good taste and preferences PLUS Hachiko’s expert designs which are modern yet elegant PLUS quality materials from top brands PLUS suggestion of your architect and interior designers.

Working in Hachiko kitchen is never dry,boring or drudgery.

In fact, Your husband and Your son may surprise you from time to time by visiting your kitchen and working in there.

This happens because Hachiko kitchens are so-well planned, so efficient and well equipped, that it becomes hub for gatherings or conversations for your family members.

Add to that the best quality in designing, manufacturing and in service....and you have perfect modern kitchen . . . Just for you!

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